TRISPEC Communications Inc.

With all design work and components in place, it's time for step three: Implement. TRISPEC's experience throughout the process is your assurance of quality - in the work performed and in the way you sleep at night. Because nothing beats the peace of mind you experience when the same experts who designed your system also install, activate and validate it. From field-testing to proof the system to on-site training to assure trouble-free operation, TRISPEC's E:SIE process provides all of the services and support you need.

The Implement phase includes:

  • Construction/Installation:
    • Infrastructure (permits, poles, tower erection)
    • Field supervision
  • Activation/Implementation:
    • Kitting
    • Burn-in and Testing (in TRISPEC lab)
    • Link Verification
    • Proof-of-performance and Testing (in field)
  • Training:
    • On-site & classroom

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