TRISPEC Communications Inc.

Community of l'Ile Verte, Québec

The Challenge:
To bring high-speed broadband data and phone service to the residents of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs.

At last count, the population of this tiny, windswept island in the Lower Saint Lawrence region of Quebec numbered some 65 souls. And if the issues involved in designing and building a high-speed network for so few people in such a remote location weren't challenging enough, the islanders were determined to have their link to the greater world without high-tech towers marring the pastoral landscape - and for a relatively modest investment.

The Solution:
TRISPEC listened to both the needs and desires of the community, reviewed the project specifics, then used its engineering expertise and connections with leading suppliers to design a wireless network that provides broadband data service 30 times faster than the island's existing 56 Kbps system, and that has the built-in potential to grow along with the community and its needs.

The partner vendors involved in the project were Airspan (WiPLL 900) and Ceragon (FA4800). Access to the island from the mainland was achieved using two wireless backhaul links totaling 80 Mbps full duplex, with signal transmission enabled by a custom power solution developed by TRISPEC.

Frequency allocation and separation were additional challenges, and with the inherent risk of 'skip' when transmitting radio signals across water, exceptional care was taken in engineering the sites and the height of antennas on towers. These, of course, had to be designed so as not to stand out - a real engineering feat, given the need for direct, unobstructed line-of-site between mainland and island links.

The Results:
Today, the people of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs are online, enjoying download and upload speeds of 1.5 Mbps and 500 Kbps, respectively. Tomorrow, when they required high-speed broadband phone services, their network will be ready to support them. Engineered: Supplied, Implemented and Evaluated by TRISPEC.


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