TRISPEC Communications Inc.

An upgrade for TBay Tel

The Challenge:
To satisfy TBay Tel's upgrade plans, despite the remote nature of many locations, adverse weather and scheduling issues with co-locate facilities.

Burgeoning cellular traffic and the desire to provide new data services like E-Health had set Thunder Bay, Ontario's TBay Tel on a mission to upgrade and expand the coverage and bandwidth of its existing microwave backhaul network. TRISPEC was one of several companies invited to propose a solution incorporating network design, supply of IP radios and all accessories, project management, implementation, test and turn-up of over 40 locations.

The Solution:
Partnering with IP radio manufacturer Ceragon Networks, TRISPEC proposed an all-IP solution capable of integration with TBay's existing legacy hardware. A turnkey approach, the proposal included engineering design, project management, government application and liaison, installation of indoor and outdoor gear, proof-of-performance and training.

TRISPEC began by reviewing TBayTel's microwave network. All sites were visited, and a detailed plan was developed for each, providing the basis for the design and fabrication of hardware and the selection of radios and antennas.

With plans in place, TRISPEC submitted all Industry Canada applications; developed a detailed bill of materials; staged all required radios, antennas and hardware; installed all equipment; coordinated and tested all installations to ensure the microwave links were “in spec” with the design; then followed up with full documentation, and an extensive training program.

The Results:
Along the way, the TBay Tel project would require multiple engineering designs and changes. Location and weather would threaten the schedule and the ability to place equipment and test. The scope of the project on-site and hardware failures hampered sign-off. All obstacles were met and overcome. This all-encompassing, all-inclusive solution was a success, and TRISPEC continues to provide E:SIE services to TBay Tel as its network continues to expand.


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