TRISPEC Communications Inc.

Ville de Thetford Mines, Québec

The Challenge:
To enable high-speed broadband access of the town's office data network from First Response vehicles in the field.

It wasn't a project many would attempt. Thetford Mines' First Responders needed a data network that would operate at high speeds while they traveled through the region. A licence-free system, it would have to avoid interference from third party networks operating in the same frequency band. Above all, it would require smooth 'handover' for reliable, continuous connection. Lives could depend on it, as did the privacy of those whose personal records would be transmitted.

With hilly terrain, ample vegetation, minimal tower sites - and a limited budget - could it be done? The network would require detailed engineering and careful implementation and configuration. It was an ideal opportunity for E:SIE.

The Solution:
Based on a careful study of the location and the frequency distribution plan, and a thorough review of the frequencies available at each site, TRISPEC was successful in bringing interference to negligible levels, using Airspan WiPLL multipoint radios and Ceragon FA4800 backhaul radios. The engineering was tricky, but the real challenges were to come during the evaluation phase.

The Results:
Following start-up, TRISPEC worked closely with the client to fine-tune the system, ensuring that First Response vehicles had remote access to their desktops from the road. Monitoring and adjustment continued for months, but perseverance paid off. Equipped with their new nomadic system, the First Responders of Thetford Mines have what it takes to optimize their effectiveness in the field.


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