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The future in cable is in IP, and TRISPEC has the names you need to beat your competition there.



Drake produces solutions for cable television systems, ADA assistive listening, video signal distribution, and digital television reception. Drake and Dracom products are utilized worldwide.

  • Digital Cable Television and Video Distribution Products
  • Satellite Television Products
  • Assistive Listening System


Motorola Solutions provides mission-critical, wireless communication products to service providers, enterprises and governments. Their WiFi (WLAN and mesh) solutions are best of breed, with robust indoor and outdoor models, leveraging innovative Mesh Connex and Wing5 platforms.


Raisecom is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of price effective top quality Data Communications equipment:

  • Media Converters
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Optical Multiplexers
  • Protocol Converters


WiPNET enhances the experience of cable TV, multi-room DVR, gaming and more. Simply upgrade existing coax cables to a "wired & wireless" Ethernet and TV-everywhere network with WiPNET, and enjoy cloud-based services - such as IPTV, Apple TV®, Google TV™, Netflix®, Hulu®, Skype™, etc., - throughout homes or small offices.

WiPNET is a simple solution to the myriad of problems facing in-home networks and the hassles of connecting multiple Internet devices to a single access point.

Inside every WiPNET WiFi cartridge is a dedicated access point. Using existing coax cable and MoCA® technology, the "sleeve & cartridge" WiPNET port enables dependable, fast and full-strength WiFi connections anywhere you need them.

Choose from a number of cartridge options, each of which slides smoothly into place to offer attractive, hassle-free connectivity.


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